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• Friday, April 22nd, 2011

More grants were awarded for out clients through the AFG Assistance to Firefighters Grant for 2010. The lucky awardees are as follows:

February 25, 2011

Fairview Volunteer Fire Department was awarded $26,923 for Opeation and Safety to purchase all new communications equipment for their department. This was very much needed to replace thier old and obsolete equipment that they currently have.

South Amherst Fire Department receives their third grant in two years and their second grant this year for a vehicle acquisition in the amount of $$275,000.

March 18, 2011

Kidron Volunteer Fire Department received thier third grant in 2 years in the amount of $24,271 for operations and safety. Congratulations on your award.

Old Fort Volunteer Fire Department received an award for operations and safety in the amount of $68,680 to replace old and obsolete equipment. Great job Old Fort.

Lawrence Township Fire Department was awarded their first grant in several years in the amount of $57,864 to replace old equipment through the operations and safety portion. Congratulations Lawrence Township.

Indian Joint Fire District receives its second grant in two years under operations and safety for much needed equipment for thier fire department.

Huntsville Fire Department received their very much needed and deserved third grant in the past four years under the operations and safety category in the amount of $43,859. Congratulations Hunstville on your very deserved award.

Green Camp Volunteer Fire Department received their first grain si years under the category of operations and safety in the amount of $56,358 to replace old and obsolete equipment.

Gettysburg Rural Volunteer Fire Department receives their third grant in two years in the amount of $50,377 to add to thier operations and vehicle grant that they received in 2009 through the AFG Grant. Congratulations!

Congratulations to all who have been awarded and good luck to those who have grants still out there.

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• Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Three of our clients received funding for vehicles in this round:

1. Mineral City Volunteer Fire Department (2nd grant this year) - after recieving funding in the operations categorty received $200,000 to purchase a new vehicle from the AFG. Kudos to Mineral City!!!

2. Rochester Volunteer Fire Department  - In their first attempt to replace thier vehicle, Rochester Volunteer Fire Department was successful in receiving funding to do so. The total grant request came to $250,000.00. Congratulations to the Fire Department and all of its members!!

3. Unionport Fire & Rescue, Inc. - received $220,000.00 in funding to replace an old vehicle with a new roadworthy and safe vehicle.  

Not to demminish the others that were awarded who are just as important, Moorefield Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is just as equally if not more happier seeing as they just received their THIRD Grant in (2) years from the AFG. Their total grant application request for 2010 came to $37,700.00. Congratulations Again X3!!!!!!!!

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• Thursday, February 17th, 2011

MOGADORE FIRE DEPARTMENT - received funding to revonate their fire station to install a sprinkler system through out their structure. Total amount awarded for this project came to $54,560.00. Congratualtions on your award!

SOUTH AMHERST VILLAGE FIRE DEPARTMENT - A 2nd grant in two years is what South Amhers Fire Department is dealing with. This grant will help the department to purchase much need equipment to replace old equipment on the department. The total cost for this project came to $30,200.00. Congratulations again on this grant award.

SUGARCREEK FIRE DEPARTMENT - Another department that has received two grants in two years. The total cost for the grant application this year came to $90,563.00. This grant will replace our old communications equipment with new communications equipment that meets the new P25 Compatability requirements. Congratulations again.

CULLODEN VULONTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, INC. (WEST VIRGINIA) - First time applicants received funding to purchase a RIT PACK (Rapid Intervention Team Pack) as well as a TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera) for the department. The total cost for this grant came to $8,900.00. Congratulations to the members and the department.

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• Thursday, February 17th, 2011

CITY OF MEDINA FIRE DEPARTMENT - received funding from the AFG FEMA Grant in the amount of $33,500 to help purchase new Extrication Equipment that replaced equipment that was in excess of 20 years of age. This is the first AFG Grant that Medina has ever received. Congratulations to them and their members.

STONE CREEK VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT - After numerous attempts, Stone Creek VFD received funding to purchase PPE for their members to replace their old gear. The total cost of this grant came to $86,085.00. Congratulations to the fire department and the members and stay safe!

FLORENCE TOWNSHIP FIRE DEPARTMENT - Florence Township received their 2nd grant in three (3) years to help update their PPE and Equipment. This grant brought the department into compliance with NFPA standards with regard to PPE. The total cost for this project came to $43,557.00. Congratulations and good luck!

PLEASANT TOWNSHIP FIRE DEPARTMENT - After the second attempt at trying to recieve funding to replce their old dilapitated vehicle, Pleasant Township Fire Department finally succeeded in securing funding through the AFG Program to be albe to purchase a new safe and roadworthy vehicle for the department. The total cost for this vehicle was $280,000.00. Congratulations on the award and appreciatation for your consistence and trust in us.

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• Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Portage Fire District

Portage Fire District located in Ottawa County, Oak Harbor, Ohio received their first ever AFG Grant in the Operations and Safety category in the amount of $195,074.00 on March 19, 2010. Portage Fire District will be able to purchase a Washer Extractor and Dryer which they have never owned before to keep the new turnout gear clean, which they will be purchasing with this grant funding as well. 

Also awarded in this grant was funding to replace 20 year old SCBA Airpacks along with an Accountability Systems for keeping more efficient account of the firefighters on scene. To top off this grant application, Portage Fire District also received funding to equipt each firefighter with their own individual facepieces which they did not have before.

Congratulations on your first ever AFG!!

Scio Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

After receiving their first grant in Round 4 on February 19, 2010 in the amount of $100,000 for SCBA and Individual Facepieces, Scio Volunteer Fire Department was awarded their second grant for $250,000 in Round 7 for the acquisition of a much needed Tanker which would be replacing a 1976 “homemade” tanker. After two attempts to receive funding for each of these grants which were denied in the FY 2008 AFG season, they were very fortunate to receive both grants in the 2009 FY AFG season.

Enjoy your much deserved vehicle and equipment and be safe in the process!!!!

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• Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Congratualtions go our fire departments in 3 States:

     Beaverdam-Richland FD in Beaverdam, Oh received grant funds in amount of $20,400 from AFG for a mobile/fixed generator in Round 3 of the AFG;

     Harrisvile VFD in Harrisville, OH received grant funding for PPE totaling $47,973 in Round 2 of the AFG;

     Gettysburg Rural FD in Gettysburg, OH is a double winner receiving funding for a grass truck in Round 1 of the AFG and then also being award $37,427 towards a generator in Round 3 of the AFG, Congratulations to them!

     Bancroft Volunteer FD in West Virginia will be receiving a new hose tester, hose, and nozzels due to the assistance of the AFG awarding them $28,672 in Round 2 of the AFG; and

     Lake Dalecarlia Volunteer Fire Department in Indiania is receiving grant funds totaling $124,214 in Operations and Safety for SCBAs, a face piece tester,  hand held tac-tracker (to be used in conjunction with SCBAs), and air fill system, and a mobile fill station with two storage cylinders in Round 3 of the AFG.

      To those who have received 1199’s and/or their 10Q’s, remember, patience is a virture; the AFG award process is finally moving!

      Congratulations to all who have been awarded in these first three rounds.

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• Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010, Gettysburg Rural Fire Department, Inc. appeared on the First Round List for awards through the Assistannce to Fire Fighters Grant. Gettysburg Rural Fire Department was awarded this AFG Grant to purchase a much needed Brush Truck. This award will help to replace a 1965 hommemade brush truck. The Grant totaled $80,280.00 with the federal share equaling $76,836.00.

Congratulations to the Gettysburg Rural Fire Department and all who were awarded in this First of many rounds.

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• Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Now is the time to prepare for the 2010 AFG Assistance to Firefighter’s Grant Application. The earlier you begin to gather the required information, the more successful your grant process can be.

The AFG according to previous years is set to open within a few months with the guidelines being release one month before the application period is set to open. This only gives you a few months to gather all the information that you need.

Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC is here to help your department, Fire or EMS, to accomplish your goals and to help meet your need. Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC has had great success in writing grants for SCBA, PPE, Equipment, Physical Fitness, Training, Vehicles and many more.

Don’t delay; if you are serious about applying for this grant, now is the time to prepare. Please contact our office without delay and our company can assist you.

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• Monday, February 16th, 2009
The Bakersville Volunteer Fire Department, Bakersville, OH,  has received grant money from FEMA for vehicle acquisition.  This federal grant money was awarded under FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG).  The total award is $80,000 with federal share of $76,760. The announcement came in FEMA’s AFG program round 23 on February 6, 2009  The Bakersville Volunteer Fire Department is another client of Gatchell Grant Resources who received a grant for a fire truck this year!  The staff of Gatchell Grant Resources is very glad to have been able to assist another department in securing federal grant money.