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• Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC is ready to assist your village, township or county when disaster strikes. GGR is well versed in applying for and administering Federal FEMA disaster grants. From melting snow and the flooding that ensues; to property damage from floods or wind storms the volume of paperwork  necessary to receive a FEMA disaster grant can be just as overwhelming as the disaster itself.


Gatchell Grant Resource, LLC has the experience and expertise your governmental body needs to write and administer FEMA disaster grants including flood mitigation projects.  The staff at GGR will manage the entire grant project process from initial research, application, management, to final close out report.


Call today to see how Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC can help you through the myriad of paperwork involved in seeking Federal FEMA assistance to help mitigate your disaster needs.


The best response to a disaster is the time spent in preparation for your family’s safety. Review the FEMA website to see what is necessary to have a positive outcome if and when a disaster strikes. How better to serve your community then by taking care of your home front first.

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• Wednesday, November 05th, 2008


At Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC, we are Certified Grant Specialist and Administrators.
Gatchell Grant Resources is pleased to be enhancing our grant research, development, and writing services.  We will offer the same professional dedication to help your township, fire, police, or non-profit organization reach their grant goals.  We offer assistance for Federal, State, local, and foundation grants ranging from fire trucks and equipment to fire prevention, safety, and burn prevention education to Public Work Grants, as well as park development grants, recycling, flood and disaster mitigation grants.


Now is the time to prepare your 2009 grant applications.  Regional communication radio grants for multi-jurisdictional areas take time to develop. Contact us now to get a jump start on the grant application process.


Grants will be abundant in 2009. Now is the time to turn your grant application into a funded grant reality.