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• Friday, October 07th, 2011
Just as quickly as the AFG closed, the SAFER Grant Application period is fast approaching. Now is the time to contact us if your department is interested. Areas that can be address are hiring, re-hiring as well as recruitment and retention. This, of course, is dependent upon the final authorization and approval from the federal government.
Preparation is the key to a successful application. The SAFER is available for submission to volunteer, combination as well as full time fire departments. It is anticipated that the funding will be at an all time record high for these programs.
Please contact us now if you are interested, as this is a very detailed application and necessary information must be gathered as soon as possible.
Also keep in mind that the Fire Prevention Grant will be forthcoming as well. Now is the time to gather your ideas for a successful program.
Thank you for your continued dedication to the fire service and we look forward to helping you to obtain your goals.
Vera & Didi
Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC
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• Friday, October 07th, 2011

When you hear USDA, people tend to shy away. Not Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC.

We have been utilizing this grant/loan application process for the past 10 years to help departments achieve their goals. Some of the items or equipment we have helped to obtain are fire trucks, road department trucks, buildings, as well as other various equipment.

As of the new fiscal year which started October 1, 2011, the interest rate is at an astronomical low at 3.75%. This according to our contact at USDA is the lowest it has ever been historically. This is the time to jumo on this program.

The grant part of this process all depends on the eliigibility of the entity applying as well as other key factors that are requested.

The loan part of the application can be approved and in your possession within 3-6 months of applying.

If there is something that your department might be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information in this application process.

Again, this application has been very helpful to numerous departments and entities but yet is still a very underutilized application due to questions and lack of knowledge of this process.

Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC encourages anyone interested in a project to become more knowledgable in the process before they turn down this avenue of funding. This can be done by either calling the USDA Office yourself or by calling us with any questions.

We look forward to helping out those who want to be helped.

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• Friday, October 07th, 2011

This years AFG Grant application encountered some new formats, guidelines as well as a few extensions due to the disasters associated with the Wildland Fires down south, the earthquake on the east coast as well as the hurricane that ravaged the east coast as well.

Even with all of these disasters hitting in a short period of time, applications were still able to be submitted thanks to the two extensions that FEMA enacted towards the end of the AFG period.

These extension gave those areas time to submit their applications but also allowed other departments who simply did not have the time to file applications as well.

Our company was able to help prepare and submit 135 applications which included vehicles, equipment, communications, as well as two major regionals which included SCBA as well as communications equipment for a whole county which consisted of 13 departments.

Good luck to all of the departments who were able to submit their applications as well as to our clients who trusted our company in helping to prepare their grants.

In all reality, we could not do what we do without the help and dedication of our departments in getting us the needed information. So for that, Gatchell Grant Resources greatly thanks you for your help in making our company a success.