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• Monday, June 23rd, 2014

The awarding has begun!

Congratulations to the following Fire Departments that have received federal assistance to be able to purchase much needed equipment and vehicles.

Ohio City VFD, Ohio - $44,150.00 for operations and safety

With this funding, Ohio City VFD will be able to purchase a much needed fixed Compressor/Fill station system that will allow the firefighters to properly and most importantly, safely fill their air bottles. This is also the first ever application as well as award through the AFG program to this fire department. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership with the AFG Program for this department.

Hunstville FD, Ohio - $80,150.00 for operations and Safety

For the 5th time in (7) years, Huntsville FD has been able to secure much needed funding to be able to purchase much needed equipment to replace their current obsolete equipment. With this current award, Huntsville will be able to purchase (2) new state of the art AHA approved 12 Lead Heart Monitors to help improve the survival of their patients in the field. Way to Go Chief!

Wren VFD, Ohio - $32,960.00 - Operations and Safety

Wren VFD was fortunate to receive funding in 2012 from the AFG to purchase much needed equipment to help enhance the safety of their firefighters, then again, this year, Wren VFD was chosen for award to be able to purchase Vehicle Extrication Tools (JAWS) to enhance the firefighters capabilities in the extrication field. Congrats Guys!

Lowell VFD, Indiana - $12,720.00 - Operations and Safety

It started in 2012 with the award of the Fire Prevention Grant that helped Lowell VFD enhance their fire prevention program and outreach to the community. No sooner did that grant get administered when they were notified that they would be receiving funding this year yet again through the AFG to purchase new Turnout Gear to fully don (4) current firefighters that had non-compliant gear and (1) new member that did not have any gear. We to go Staff!

Middle Point FD, Ohio - $230,650.00 - Vehicle Acquisition

This one is a once in a lifetime opportunity! It took (6) tries to get this one but you finally did it. Way to go. Persistence, faith and trust really paid off on this one. With this funding, Middle Point FD will finally be able to replace their (28) year old tender that was draining funds to keep it in service. Kudos to Middle Point FD!

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• Sunday, January 13th, 2013

We have a few very happy fire departments this year so far.

Kelley’s Island VFD, Southern Highland Joint Fire District and Freeport Community Volunteer Fire Department in Ohio.

Kelley’s Island VFD - First AFG award ever and they have been very fortunate to receive some much needed PPE and Equipment that for a fire department that provides services for an Island is crucial.

They will be able to purchase new turnout gear as well as a washer/dryer to keep their gear in good condition for many years. They will also be able to purchase new SCBA airpacks as well as a Fit Tester to make sure that they have properly fitted face pieces for each individual firefighter.

The total cost of this grant came to $113,900.00. Congratulations to Kelley’s Island VFD.

Southern Highland Joint Fire District - Will have the ability to properly monitor their EMS patients with the purchase of two (2) new heart monitors that were much needed. Each EMS unit will now have the proper equipment to monitor these heart patients. This much needed equipment will help to enhance the abilities of the fire department when responding to calls.

Congratulations on the award! Total cost of this project and award comes to $52,600.00

Freeport Community Volunteer Fire Department- Although this grant may seem small, to this fire department that depends on community support, this is huge. With the award of this grant, Freeport VFD will be able to purchase much needed rescue equipment and hand tools that they would not have been able to purchase on their own. This equipment will only enhance their abilities and they greatly thank the AFG for this opportunity.

The total cost of this grant comes to $8,200.00 but every penny is much appreciated. Congratulations Freeport!

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• Friday, March 09th, 2012

Canton Township Fire Department located in Canton Township, Stark County, Ohio was recently awarded an AFG Operations and Safety Grant for PPE and Communications Equipment for 3/4 of a million dollars.

This Grant will help to replace aged, old and obsolete communications equipment and PPE. This grant is one of many grants that Canton Township has been fortunate to receive in the passed few years. These grants include: Training Trailer (the only one of its kind in the county and region) in 2009 AFG Grant for $250,000; (4) LifePak 15 Monitors in the amout of $160,000 in 2010 AFG Grant; 2010 SAFER Grant to increase staffing levels to meet compliance with NFPA standards for $250,000; and now in 2011 AFG Grant for Communications Equipment and PPE in the amount of $758,000.00

Congratulations to the Canton Township Fire Department for their trust in our company for assisting them in accomplishing their goals.

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• Friday, October 07th, 2011

This years AFG Grant application encountered some new formats, guidelines as well as a few extensions due to the disasters associated with the Wildland Fires down south, the earthquake on the east coast as well as the hurricane that ravaged the east coast as well.

Even with all of these disasters hitting in a short period of time, applications were still able to be submitted thanks to the two extensions that FEMA enacted towards the end of the AFG period.

These extension gave those areas time to submit their applications but also allowed other departments who simply did not have the time to file applications as well.

Our company was able to help prepare and submit 135 applications which included vehicles, equipment, communications, as well as two major regionals which included SCBA as well as communications equipment for a whole county which consisted of 13 departments.

Good luck to all of the departments who were able to submit their applications as well as to our clients who trusted our company in helping to prepare their grants.

In all reality, we could not do what we do without the help and dedication of our departments in getting us the needed information. So for that, Gatchell Grant Resources greatly thanks you for your help in making our company a success.


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• Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Due to Hurricane Irene, the AFG has been extended until September 16, 2011. This means we have one more week to submit the grants. Thank you AFG!!!!!!

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• Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Three of our clients received funding for vehicles in this round:

1. Mineral City Volunteer Fire Department (2nd grant this year) - after recieving funding in the operations categorty received $200,000 to purchase a new vehicle from the AFG. Kudos to Mineral City!!!

2. Rochester Volunteer Fire Department  - In their first attempt to replace thier vehicle, Rochester Volunteer Fire Department was successful in receiving funding to do so. The total grant request came to $250,000.00. Congratulations to the Fire Department and all of its members!!

3. Unionport Fire & Rescue, Inc. - received $220,000.00 in funding to replace an old vehicle with a new roadworthy and safe vehicle.  

Not to demminish the others that were awarded who are just as important, Moorefield Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is just as equally if not more happier seeing as they just received their THIRD Grant in (2) years from the AFG. Their total grant application request for 2010 came to $37,700.00. Congratulations Again X3!!!!!!!!

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• Saturday, October 09th, 2010

Brunswick Volunteer Fire Department in Brunswick, Maryland was given the approval and go ahead to begin construction on the new fire station that they received funding for through the AFG Assistance to Firefighters Sation Construction Grant.

Construction is tentatively set to start in the next 30 days. The fire department and all of its members are excited and very thankful for once in a lifetime opportunity.

More updates to come as we progress!!!

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• Sunday, November 16th, 2008

We at Gatchell Grant Resources love to hear from our customers.  One of the best ways for us to gauge our effectiveness is to listen to you.  Here is a letter that we received.

I was very pleased with the grant writing class given by Vera Gatchell. The open classroom discussions made the experience very informative and educational with the emphasis on educational. Vera not only made it look so easy but was also an inspirational speaker her words of encouragement were abound. Any question you had she answered with an absolute knowledge of her unique gift. Her descriptive way of writing a grant truly was spellbinding. I absolutely recommend this class if it is your first time writing a grant or you have been writing them for years. Knowledge is a powerful tool and Vera possesses and shares many tools in this Grant Writing Class.

Joyce, Perry Township Administrator

If you have used our services, please let us know how we did.  Customer feedback is very valuable to our business.

We look forward to helping your organization secure the grant funding you need.  Contact us for assistance with your grant application.

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• Sunday, November 16th, 2008

We at Gatchell Grant Resources love to hear from our customers.  One of the best ways for us to gauge our effectiveness is to listen to you.  Here is a letter that we received.

An interest in learning more about the grant process led me to the “Basic Grants 101” class taught by Vera and DiDi of Gatchell Grant Resources.  This class was outstanding!  A variety of information was presented in a very precise yet comprehensive manner that was easy to understand.  I went into the class with absolutely no knowledge of grants and now feel that I have a good idea of the grant process and the skills necessary to successfully complete an award winning application.  Vera and DiDi did an exceptional job explaining and sited relevant examples from their many years of successful grant writing.  Not only was the class very informative, but fun too!  I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning more about the grant writing process.

–Lisa Michalek

If you have used our services, please let us know how we did.  Customer feedback is very valuable to our business.

 We look forward to helping your organization secure the grant funding you need.  Contact us for assistance with your grant application.