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• Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Congratulations to the following departments that received AFG Assistance to Firefighter Grants for the 2010 application year.

Round 1 (November 26, 2010) - Mineral City VFD of Mineral City, Ohio. Receivied their first ever AFG Grant, they were extactic to be able to purchase new SCBA cylinders to replace their aged ones as well as two (2) sets of Turnout gear to be able to equip two (2) new members of the department who did not have gear of their own. The total amount of the award under Operations and Safety was $16,096.00.

Round 5 (December 31, 2010) - Deersville Community VFD of Deersville, Ohio received their first ever AFG Grant by way of a Vehicle. This vehicle will allow Deersville Community VFD to replace their current homemade 1952 vehicle with a new NFPA compliant vehicle that will help to transport their firefighters in a safer manner. Deersville also requested and was aqpproved for additional funding to be able to train the entire department on Emergency Vehicle Operations. The total grant award for Vehicle Acquisition came to $224,640.00.

Erhart York Township FD of Medina, Ohio  was one of many departments that was also awarded in Round 5 of the AFG. Erhart York Township FD will be able to purchase (24) full sets of turnout gear to bring the department into 100% compliance with NFPA standards. To be able to properly maintain their gear, Erhart York Township FD was also awarded funds to purchase a washer extractor and dryer for the gear. The total of this grant came to $64,002.00

Lowell, Indiana, is were Lake Dalecarlia VFD is located. Because they were awarded funds in Round 5 on December 31, 2010, they will be able to purchase new hose, attack as well as LHD, to replace their dilapitated hose that they currently utilized. They were also awarded funds to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) and Gas Meter as well as a Washer Extractor to maintain their current gear. The total funding of this grant came to $41,410.00.

Round 6 (January 7, 2011) Canton Township FD of Canton, Ohio will be able to purchase and replace (5) of their old monophasic monitors with new biphasic monitors which meet the newest standards as well as provide the best possible care to their patients. The total cost of this project award came to $150,000.00.

Congratulations to Amsterdam VFD of Amsterdam, Ohio who received a grant from the AFG in Round 6 on January 7, 2011 for (16) portable radios to replace their old equipment, (20) sets of turnout gear and (15) helmets to bring the department into compliance with NFPA standards and a washer extractor to help extend the life of the gear as well as maintain their gear. The total cost of this grant came to $97,311.00.

Round 7 (January 14, 2011) - City of Bedford Division of Fire in Bedford, Ohio is extatic to find out that they will be able to utilize the same communication equipment as their neighboring departments that they provide automatic aid to by being able to utilize MDTs on their units. Also included in this grant is the hardware required to upgrade the vehicles as well as a Thermal Imaging Device (TIC) and a Chemical Detection Device. The total cost for this grant came to $83,779.00.

Sheffield Township of Lorain, Ohio receives AFG grant in Round 6 on January 14, 2010 as well for a Biphasic Monitor, (2) AEDs for their engines and (2) Suction Devices for their Ambulance units to replace their aged equipment that needed replacing. The total package came to $38,080.00.

Round 8 (January 21, 2011) - Pleasant Township FD receives their first ever grant and it came in the form of a vehicle acquisition. This new vehicle will replace a (22) year old converted vehicle that was to be put out of service when the new vehicle is purchased. The total cost for this purchase and award came to $280,000.00.

Florence Township FD of Birmingham Ohio, for the second time in three years received funding through the AFG to purchase a washer extractor and dryer to maintain the gear that they received through an AFG grant in 2008, Individual SCBA facepieces for the entire department as well as a face piece fit tester to properly fit and test the entire department. Lastly, funding was also approved to be able to fit the entire department with new hoods as well as gloves to bring the department into complete compliance. The total cost for this project came to $43,557.00.

Congratulations to our clients as well as all who have been awarded up to this point. As for the other applicants, it is still early, if you have not received a denial letter, you are half way there, just be patient.

Good Luck to all for the 2010 as well as the upcoming 2011 season!!