Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC consists of Certified Grant Specialist and Certified Grant Administrators as well as being well versed and experience in Grant Research and Developement.
Gatchell Grant Resources is pleased to be enhancing our grant research, development, and writing services. We will offer the same professional dedication to help your city, township, village, fire department, police department, or non-profit organization reach their grant goals.
We offer assistance for Federal, State, local, and foundation grants ranging from something as difficult and expensive as fire trucks to something as simple but jsut as important as hose; fire prevention, safety, and burn prevention education; ODNR-Nature Works Grants; Clean Ohio Grants; Public Work Grants, as well as park grants, recycling, flood and disaster mitigation grants.


Now is the time to prepare your 2013 grant applications. With new requirements requested by the Federal and State Governments, it is important to start now and not wait for the last minute. Contact us now to get a jump start on the grant application process.

Grants will be abundant in 2013. Now is the time to turn your grant application into a potential funded grant reality.