Building Partnerships to Enhance Our Services to Our Clients!

Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC is proud to introduce our expanded services in the EMS & Fire Billing field by partnering with A.N.A. Billing and Consulting, LLC.

Some of you know us and have trusted us as your source for obtaining much needed items and equipment through the avenue of grants. Now, we are asking you to consider trusting us to help your department maximize revenues through EMS / Fire Department revenue collections. We have expanded our services and are partnering with A.N.A. Billing & Consulting, LLC to further enhance our ability to maximize income for our clients.

We understand the budget cuts that fire departments are facing from taxes to fund raisers and there is only so much the public is willing to commit to. Unfortunately, this all too often leaves the fire department at the bottom of the barrel.

We, at Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC, recognize that many departments already do EMS billing but are only collecting approximately 65% of billable revenues.  This should not be acceptable. We have a team that has a proven record of collecting approximately 90% of all billable EMS receipts.

Not only can we assist with initial billing but we specialize in the research and potential collection of back billing of accounts that have been previously written off as uncollectable.  We are able to back bill insurance companies up to 12 months (or as insurance company permits). This too, is a viable means of augmenting your working revenues.

We would appreciate a chance to speak further with you concerning these items. We understand that in today’s world, in order for a fire department to stay in the business of saving lives and property it must be run as a business.

Please feel free to contact us at 330.324.771 or 248.252.6250 and we will be happy to explain the details of revenue collections.

Thank you,

Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC & ANA Billing and Consulting, LLC