Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC takes client interaction to the highest level. Our team of professionals are accessible and willing to work with you to find the answers to your grant questions along the way.
Grant Services Offered:
  • Advise the client of possible grant funding sources, develop a focused plan to solve their problems, and help to acquire necessary equipment, tools, and vehicles to reach their goals.
  • Work together in conjunction with the client to compose the best possible grant application for their organization.
  • Help the client collect, prepare, and complete necessary paperwork needed to supplement a grant application.
  • Be available after the grant is awarded, assist with follow up reports as requested.
  • Assist when dealing with major disaster grant applications and follow up administration.
  • Review your personally written grant application and offer critique and suggestions for a strong proposal.
  • Speak to your group concerning grant writing, submission, and how to administer a grant after it is awarded.
  • Speak to your Township or any elected governmental body concerning utilizing grants to fill in the funding gap in fire, police, or road department budgets.
  • Speak to your Park Boards or citizen groups concerning the availability of foundation or state grants for development of parks, walking trails, and playground equipment.
Due to great demand, Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC has taken on the role of teaching Basic Grant Writing to many groups. This has lead to the clientel understanding the grant process and finding a great appreciation to what our company does when preparing a grant and the time it takes to complete even the simplest of them.
Gatchell Grant Resources develops a personal connection with the clients we serve. This relationship sets us apart from other grant writers and businesses.
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