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• Monday, June 01st, 2009

The staff at Gatchell Grant Resources has finally caught their breath after the AFG marathon. Over 100 grants written and we want to thank all those Fire Chiefs and firefighters for supplying us with needed information and their patience. Now we move forward waiting for the SAFER and CEDAP grants to open. Also, in the very near future is the Stimulus Fire Station Grant. We will keep you updated as guidelines are released.

Plans have already been implemented to make the next round of grants run smoother for everyone involved.

Congratulations are in order for those departments who were awarded equipment through the State Fire Marshall’s Grant: Beaver Dam Richland Fire Department, Brown Township Fire Department, and Lawrence Township Fire Department. The following departments are receiving computers through the 2009 Fire Department Fire Reporting Grant; Jackson Township Fire Department (Jackson County), Tappan Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Lawrence Township Fire Department, and Waynesburg Volunteer Fire Department.

Brown Township in Carroll County, Ohio is one of the first recipients of funding from the Muskingum Watershed District. These funds will help with their flood mitigation project.

Grants are abounding in 2009 and we anticipate it to continue into 2010. Now is the time to prepare your grant applications.

We at Gatchell Grant Resources appreciate your trust in our abilities to help with your organization’s needs.