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• Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Congratualtions go our fire departments in 3 States:

     Beaverdam-Richland FD in Beaverdam, Oh received grant funds in amount of $20,400 from AFG for a mobile/fixed generator in Round 3 of the AFG;

     Harrisvile VFD in Harrisville, OH received grant funding for PPE totaling $47,973 in Round 2 of the AFG;

     Gettysburg Rural FD in Gettysburg, OH is a double winner receiving funding for a grass truck in Round 1 of the AFG and then also being award $37,427 towards a generator in Round 3 of the AFG, Congratulations to them!

     Bancroft Volunteer FD in West Virginia will be receiving a new hose tester, hose, and nozzels due to the assistance of the AFG awarding them $28,672 in Round 2 of the AFG; and

     Lake Dalecarlia Volunteer Fire Department in Indiania is receiving grant funds totaling $124,214 in Operations and Safety for SCBAs, a face piece tester,  hand held tac-tracker (to be used in conjunction with SCBAs), and air fill system, and a mobile fill station with two storage cylinders in Round 3 of the AFG.

      To those who have received 1199’s and/or their 10Q’s, remember, patience is a virture; the AFG award process is finally moving!

      Congratulations to all who have been awarded in these first three rounds.

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