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• Monday, January 26th, 2009

Gatchell Grant Resources will be speaking at the Ohio Township Association Winter Conference on February 5, 2009.  We will have two sessions. One session will focus on Public Safety and the other will focus on Townships, Villages and Cities. 

We will be focusing a lot on the grants that will be becoming available in the very immediate future.  The types of grants we are referring to are FEMA-AFG Grant for 2009, 2009 CEDAP Grant, Nature Works Grant, various infrastructure grants, Clean Ohio Grants and numerous other state, foundation and corporate grants that are set to be available in this coming year.  Come learn about the programs to secure your grant money.
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• Thursday, November 20th, 2008

We get many questions from new clients or potential clients asking questions that can sometimes be hard to find answers to online.  We have posted a list of those questions and answers here in one place.  We hope that this grant information will be of assistance to you.  

Very Basic Grant Information

What is a grant?
Simply put a grant is funding, services, or a product provided by a benefactor who wants to solve a problem.  Grant funds do not have to be paid back.

Who are the benefactors?
Benefactors include the federal, state, or local public entity, foundations, corporations, and private individuals who have set up a special foundation or trust account with the purpose of furthering a special interest cause.

Who can apply for a grant?
Grants are generally awarded to communities, public safety services, non-profit 501c3 organizations, educational, and health institutions. This list is not all inclusive.

Why are grants not funded?
Application was never submitted.
 If you do not ask for the grant you are guaranteed 100% non-funding.
The next reason for denial is that directions were not followed EXACTLY.

Where do I look for grants?
Searching for grants can be overwhelming to the beginner and seasoned grant applicant.  Grants can be found on the internet (using very specific words to start search), libraries are a great source of written materials, newsletters, periodicals, and networking with others who have written or received grants.

Do I have to do follow up paperwork after grant is awarded?
Yes.  Grantees are held to a high accountability standard that will withstand audits.  So their funding must be accurately expended and reported by the agency receiving their awards.  Accountability for the recipient is normally detailed in the guideline.  Accountability must also meet all local or state requirements when dealing with public agencies.  Remember, when dealing with budgets; details and supporting documentation must be maintained and made available upon request.

Does my organization have to put any money towards a grant?
 Depending on the grant guidelines a specified percentage might be required.  Sometimes “in-kind” services including equipment hours can be used toward the required match.
These are issues that need to be discussed prior to application and award.

Grant writing sounds like work; is it?
Yes, but for the time invested the rewards to be reaped will help your organization solve problems, acquire equipment, or man-power that otherwise might take years to accomplish.


These are just a few grant basics.  As we build our site, we hope to provide you and your organization with as much detailed information about grants as possible.  We are starting with the basics of grants and we will then get more involved.