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• Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Gatchell Grant Resources, LLC has been busy trying to recruit able bodied individuals to take on the grueling task of grant writers and that are just as dedicated as Vera and Didi. This is not a job for everyone as many people will tell you.


We are proud to say the we have welcomed two (2) new members of our team, Donna Riggs and Amy McKinney. Although new to this team, they have shown their dedication to this company and we welcome them!


We hope that this year will bring our clients great success with our help. We are currently training our new members and have been training them; Donna Riggs for over (1) one year now and Amy McKinney for the last (6) months.


As in all fields of service, training is a continuing process and we will continue to train them until they are proficient in helping our clients.


With that being said, rest assured that all grants written by these new members will be reviewed by either Vera or Didi before being subbmitted for accuracy.


So when you have the chance, please take the time to welcome our newest members, their contact info has been added to our Contact Us Page.




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