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• Sunday, January 13th, 2013
I know that there are alot of chiefs out there wondering if they are still in the running for the 2012 AFG Grant Cycle. The answer to that is YES.
If you have not heard anything as of yet, just hang in there, more rounds are still yet to be released.
Thanks to Sandy slamming into the East Coast, FEMA has been overwhelmed for the past two (2) months. Do not be discouraged though, according to AFG, they are a bit behind but are still trying to get back on track.
Another aspect that I believe has slowed down the process is the registration at A little reminder, if you have not either registered for a Cage No. at or have not migrated your current CCR Cage No. to the site then you will be notified before awarded. This will delay the process because according to them, you must be registered at the website before you are awarded.
This Cage No. will be required just like a DUNS No. and a TAX ID and FDID number so please register, you will need it eventually. ALSO, this is a registration that must be renewed each year on the anniversary of its creation. So please make sure you renew your Cage No. with SAM every year.
If you have any questions regarding the site, please contact Didi at (248) 252-6250.
Thank you!
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